When choosing furniture for your office, you should always consult with your furniture dealer to see what suggestions and design ideas they can offer you. Glenwood Office Furniture can help you with all aspects of the design, reconfiguration and space planning for your office. Whether you’re office is growing, downsizing, relocating or remodeling, our team is ready to help make the process easy for you.

  • Furniture Specification and Planning
  • Reconfiguration Planning
  • Space Planning and CAD Design

Project Management

If your office is relocating, remodeling or your a new office that needs furniture, you can rely on the team of Glenwood Office Furniture to handle everything to make your office move/setup smooth and stress free. Our project management services include everything from planning nationwide deliveries, designing an office layout to setting up your new office furniture. We understand you are busy running your business so we work quickly and efficiently to ensure you do not lose any business due to the move.

  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Installation / Reconfiguration
  • Relocation/Move Management
  • Secure Warehousing
  • Financing Solutions

Maintenance & Refurbishment

Glenwood Office Furniture offers furniture maintenance and furniture refurbishment services. Office furniture should be cleaned just like your home furniture. Furniture maintenance can include anything from cleaning to repairs. By allowing our team to clean your office furniture weekly, bimonthly or monthly, that cuts down on germs and dust to ensure your employees stay healthy and show up for work daily. If a piece of equipment is broken, be assured that our team will come to your office to fix the equipment to get in working order. We can reuphoslet chairs and also refinish wood pieces to look new again.

  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Mobile Repair & Cleaning
  • Panel and Seating Upholstery
  • Wood Refinishing

Before and After


If you’re looking to update your office space with new furniture and design, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you by selling what you currently have for top dollar to go towards the purchase of your new office furniture in NJ. We will submit a description and photos of your pieces and send that information to our brokerage contacts for you. When the items sell, we will deliver the items to their new location to make room for your new items. We do our best to help the environment stay clean and green. If you have unwanted or unused items, our team at Glenwood Office Furniture will pick up your items and take them to the proper recycling locations.

  • Brokering
  • Buy-Back/Banking
  • Disposal/Recycling